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Control & Shelter

The Boyd County Kentucky Animal Control and Shelter was established by the Boyd County Fiscal Court in accordance with the Kentucky Revised Statues. Its mission is to provide services which safeguard the public health and safety, to humanely house and care for the animals in its charge, to protect the animals of the community from abuse and to provide its citizens with information concerning spay/neuter and responsible ownership.

Contact Info

1025 Bob McCullough Drive
Ashland, Kentucky 

Phone: (606) 324-0745
Fax: (606) 324-1081


Hours of Operation*


Monday - Friday
10:00 AM to 4:30 PM 


Saturday and Sunday

*Holidays may affect these hours

Prices and Fees

 Effective 7/1/2016

Adoption (All Cats and Dogs) = $75.00*


Reclamation= $30.00**


Private Surrender (Dogs) = $50.00

Private Surrender (Cats) = $20.00

Stray Surrender (Adult Dog/Cat) = $10.00

Stray Surrender (Puppy/Kitten) = $5.00

Bite Case (10 Day Quarantine) = $125.00

Farm Animal:

First Offense = $0

Second Offense = $50.00

Wild Animal Response (Pests) = $25.00***

All monetary donations are welcome and will go directly to our new animal heath and spay/neuter program. You may mail donations direct to the shelter. Donations of pet supplies and food are welcome any time.

*Neuter/Spay Included in Adoption Fee.

**You must have proof of ownership and valid rabies certificate or tag to reclaim. If you do not have a rabies certificate for the animal you must buy a voucher from the shelter for $15.00 per animal, for the state law required vaccine.

***Only charged if the animal is successfully caught.